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At Sydney Natural Fertility, we are your team of registered health professionals, dedicated to supporting your health goals. Whether that’s having a baby, fixing your sore back, or guiding you with positive lifestyle changes, we have solutions that can help. Please find below our range of services. Not sure what you need? Send us an email or give us a call and we will guide you.

Kim and Lisa.



You’ve heard having needles stuck in could help you…but how does it work? We are gentle and highly qualified, click to read more about this ancient art and how it can help you in modern times.

Reproductive Support

We are some of the most experienced reproductive acupuncturists in the country (Kim even lectures in this field!). Our keen minds will go through your history to find what might be missing, to help you have the family of your dreams. Click to learn more.

Remedial Massage

Not a fan of feeble massages? We can get stuck into those knots and sore, tight muscles to help you finally feel relief from your muscular aches and pains. Click to read more.

Hot Stone Massage

If you want more nurturing than kneading with your massage, hot stone massage is the treatment for you. You will be warm and feel like the weight of your problems is lifted, while also softening tight muscles through the heat and strokes of the stones. Click to learn more and watch some videos.


If it’s good enough for the celebrities, it’s good enough for you! Cupping can lift and separate tight muscles, and can be added to any acupuncture treatment. Click to check out some cool pictures.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Herbs taste like dirt water, that’s how you know they’re good for you! Click to read more about how they can help you.

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