Online Fertility Consultations 

Not in Sydney? No problem! 

As Sydney’s leading natural fertility clinic, we’re in high demand, and sometimes patients from outside of Sydney hear about us. We aim to be able to help women and men worldwide achieve their dream of starting (or continuing) their family. Secure video links are a great modern tool we can use for online fertility consultations. Read on to learn more about how it works.

Online Fertility Consultations – How does it work?

Online fertility consultations are easy! Just use the normal online booking system to choose a day and time that suits you best. Appointment times will show in your current time zone to make it easy for you to choose a time that suits. Once you’ve booked in, we will email you a New Patient Form that you can fill out and send back to us before your appointment. Be sure to send any blood tests or previous scans in this email as well so we have them ready for your appointment.

Payment for online consultations is taken before your appointment. 

You will receive a reminder email the day before your appointment (2pm Sydney time). If you are unable to make your appointment, but have missed the 24 hour cancellation window, we will still be able to help you! Using your previous blood test results we will create a plan just for you. This plan will include advice regarding further tests, supplements to take, and lifestyle changes to supercharge your fertility.

Our goal is to help your body reach its’ peak fertility potential through natural means. This often involves nutritional supplements, herbal medicine, lifestyle changes and genetic testing or blood tests. We will work with you on your journey so that you understand your body and feel confident in how your health is improving.

What happens during the online consult?

At the time of your appointment, click the link in your email to join the secure video chat. (If you have accidentally deleted the email, contact us quickly so we can resend it to you!) From here, the consultation is exactly like in person. We will chat about your health history and then review your previous tests. Then, a plan will be devised for any further testing you may need to undergo. After the call (roughly 1 hour), Kim will use the remaining 15 minutes to write up your notes and email them to you. Sometimes a little extra time may be required to finalise your notes, but they will be sent within 24 hours of your appointment time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check below for the answers to your most common questions

Why is the price the same for online and in person consultations?

The price is the same because the time taken to complete the consultation is the same. During a clinic appointment, Acupuncture is usually performed towards the end. While the patient is resting, Kim writes her notes. During an online consultation, the notes must still be written, and often in more detail because the whole ongoing plan is devised in that first session. Online consultations actually take more administration time to complete however we keep the price low to support you on your journey.

Will I need more than one appointment?

Ideally it’s a good idea to have a follow-up appointment 2 weeks after your initial appointment. This is so we can discuss any further testing that has taken place and modify your plan accordingly. It’s also a great time to ask more questions and discuss any issues you’re having with diet or lifestyle changes. Ongoing care will give the best longterm results.

Is an online appointment as good as in person?

They’re different, but both great options. An in-person appointment is always preferable to help develop rapport, and enjoy the calming effects of acupuncture. However, an online consultation has it’s advantages too! You don’t need to leave the house or even brush your teeth! With an online appointment you can ensure you’re receiving advice from an expert in the field of natural fertility, no matter where you live.

Should I also see a local acupuncturist?

If there is an acupuncturist in your local area that you like, then definitely! Your local acupuncturist will be able to help support your body while you continue with the plan we devise here at Sydney Natural Fertility. They will also be able to dispense any herbal medicine that has been recommended for you rather than having herbs posted.