When it comes to fertility, we are all looking for that silver bullet (perhaps zinc for male fertility?) that will solve our reproductive disorders and allow us to have the family of our dreams. Unfortunately, the human body is complex, and that’s why it’s so important to have reproductive specialists on your healthcare team, guiding you towards better health and reproductive potential.

When it comes to supplements, you can read many articles online offering up solutions to infertility. Take X for egg quality, and Y for better sperm! The thing is, what’s relevant for one person may be a total waste of money for another person.

At Sydney Natural Fertility we always target supplementation to the individual patient, ensuring you’re getting maximum results and not wasting money on supplements you don’t really need.


Zinc and sperm

  • increases semen volume
  • Increases sperm motility
  • Increases sperm morphology


Zinc is often touted as a critical fertility nutrient, and it is, but not everybody needs extra in the form of a supplement. In terms of male fertility, zinc is an essential trace mineral for reproduction. Zinc levels are lower in men with infertility, however not all studies have shown an improvement in fertility and live births from zinc supplementation.

That brings me back to what I said earlier…it’s not necessary for everyone! If you already have good zinc levels, supplementing with more zinc won’t improve your fertility.

During an initial male fertility consultation, we now offer all men the option of complimentary zinc taste testing to ensure we only prescribe exactly what you need.

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